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Freedom Scientific JAWS

Developer Freedom Scientific, Inc.

Freedom Scientific JAWS is a professional screen reader. Main features: - Two multi-lingual synthesizers: ...

Scientific WorkPlace

Developer MacKichan Software, Inc.

Scientific WorkPlace makes writing, sharing and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier. When you ...

Enthought Tool Suite

Developer pythonxy

Scientific-oriented Python Distribution based on Qt and Spyder. It is a mayaVi 2 powerful 2D and 3D scientific ...


Developer Hans Jörg schmidt

x-Calc is an advanced desktop calculator for Windows. The biggest advantage is the simple and intuitive handling of complex ...

eCalc Scientific

Developer eCalc.com

eCalc Scientific is a very advanced scientific calculator that offers you all the functions to suit your ...

Scientific Notebook

Developer MacKichan Software

Creating attractive documents that contain text, mathematics, and graphics is seamless and easy with Scientific Notebook. With this ...

Scientific Word

Developer MacKichan Software

Scientific Word makes creating professional documents easy. With Scientific Word, you compose mathematical, scientific, and technical ...


Developer Hans Jörg schmidt

fx-Calc is a .NET application that lets you define, visualize and calculate scientific functions. This program comes with an integrated ...

Scientific Viewer

Developer MacKichan Software

Use Scientific Viewer software to view and print your read-only .tex documents containing text, mathematics, and ...

jscicalc2 - Java Scientific Calculator - A java-based scientific calculator

Developer John D Lamb

This is a simple scientific calculator programmed in Java. You can use it to calculate trigonometric and ...

Scientific DataSet Library and Tools

Developer Microsoft Research

The Scientific Data-Set library makes it easy for .NET developers to read, write, and share scalars, vectors ...

Scientific Advantage for Pocket PCs

Developer Formative Software, Inc.

Scientific Advantage™ is Unit Aware™, lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values, includes advanced ...


Developer Tvalx

Complex Number Calculator Precision 45 is a complex number calculator and works with complex numbers, but ...

Scientific WorkPlace Student Edition

Developer MacKichan sofware

Scientific WorkPlace: the integration of LaTeX Typesetting and Computer Algebra. With Scientific WorkPlace Version 5.5, you ...

Y2 Scientific Calculator

Developer Y2 Software, Inc.

Y2 Scientific Calculator is an easy to use software tool that allows you to calculate a series of ...